Process Genius – Hot B2B Startup Out of Finland

    A certain type or startups is easy to write about. Anybody can understand what they do and it is not difficult to explain those that let you let you take cool pictures, play new games or interact with the TV in a new and social way. 

    However, occasionally, we come across startups that are from much more serious and difficult to grasp industries. What is a major annoyance is that these startups are often overlooked and I personally believe that they deserve just as much hype as all those social apps and perhaps in many cases – more.

    Let’s run an experiment. If there was a social startup that in less than a year generated over €400 000 revenue and employed 17 new people, you would probably be very impressed. What is more, this startup would be very hot in the news and you would most likely know the name.

    So, the question is, do you know Process Genius? 

Probably not. Even though they went from 2 to 17 people (even though some of them are interns) in less than a year, generated over 400 000 EUR revenue and are growing steadily. The reason you would not know about them is because they created a sales tool for the B2B process industries.

    Basically, think of factories, rigs, chemical plants, etc. What the company does is visualize the whole process in 3D. This allows their clients to easily sell their products to these factories, as you can easily show different possible solutions complete with all the technical data and research. 

    For instance, Jani Akkila, the CEO of Process Genius, told us that a new salesman that is going to a dry cement factory for the first time would be able to see the whole process and by clicking on the different lables, he would quickly get an overview of the whole process.

    “Then he could be talking to the manager who is taking care of one of the processes. This will open the particular sub-process.

    The customer could have a problem in the “diverter valves”. You click it and it will tell [the salesman] the typical associated challenges with the valves and suggest the best and the second best solutions. 

It could be anything, not just a valve. “ says Akkila.

    Their solution shows all the necessary documents about all products, shows performance documents, competitor analysis, references, etc. All of those can be turned into brochures or animations if needed. 

    The company does not just allow the clients to create this. They actually do their own research into industrial processes and model them accordingly. Its all automatic and makes sure you do not need any other sales materials.

    So far, they have mapped out about 40 processes and are shooting for 200-250 by the end of the year.

    If you have not done any sales of technical products, you might not get the benefit right away, but if you have, this would be eye opening. As Akkila told ArcticStartup: “If I present it to people who have been selling technology, pretty much in every case it continues to serious negotiations.”

    So yes, it might sound and look complicated. But it is an application similar to any other and deserves the attention that any other startup with these numbers would get. We will definitely be keeping an eye on Process Genius.

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // Cement Factory