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We received a tip about a new travel website called Destly. It’s all in Swedish and aimed at the Swedish market. There isn’t a lot of information out there, except on their twitter page where they mention the service will open on the 9th of January. The site will offer heavily discounted deals to luxurious hotels for a select group of users who have been given an invite to the service.

While this is nothing new on a more broader scope, it’s refreshing to see something like this come out of Sweden, albeit being all in Swedish. The invitation only model has swept the internet at large during 2010 and many services are taking advantage of the flash sales and invite only model.

Back in December we covered how Cherry.ee, an Estonian flash sales site sold more than 6500 Estonian Air vouchers before being stopped by Estonian Air. The vouchers were discounted and people bought them eagerly.

Estonia is a country much smaller to Sweden, so Sweden should be able to support a service like Destly to a certain degree. However, it’s success can only be determined if it is able to grow the service to attract broader audiences in other countries as well. Why? Cherry.ee has daily deals on a range of products that people are able to consume more often than an accommodation at a hotel, be it luxurious or not.

I’d personally like to see Destly open up its borders soon and cater at least to the Nordic and Baltic market.