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CanvasDropr Team Releases Presentation.io For Audience-Synced Presentations

Have you ever considered it strange that despite the fact that most of us have a screen in their pocket, it’s still sometimes hard to see the slides on the screen during presentations? I never put the two together, but the Copenhagen-based team behind Canvasdropr has released Presentation.io to synch up the stage with your phone, tablet, or your pocket. The end product is immediately useful, and visibility aside, having the presentations synched adds a new layer of functionality.

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This new product has its roots in CanvasDropr. Last year they added a presentation mode to the whiteboarding tool, which synced the presentation across all devices connected to the whiteboard project. Catherine Andersen of Presentation.io tells us that a number of their customers started reaching out and asking if it was a separate product because they liked the functionality, and they wanted to use it with their PowerPoints, PDF files, and so on.

At first they started responding that they didn’t have it as a separate product. “But as more and more people started asking about it we decided eventually to just start it as a separate service. It grew out of pure customer demand, you could say.”

Presentation.io is nice because of the audience engagement it also enables. After uploading the presentation, the presenter can tag ‘pins’ into the slide if there is missing information, or if audience members have questions during the presentation. The audience can also discuss the presentation live, and also after the presentation. So if people think of a question afterwards, they can still interact with the presenter.

The service is free to use, but if you want to keep your slides up in the cloud to be discussed for more than 48 hours, then you need to pay $14 a month.

To build Presentation.io, CanvasDropr had to free a few resources, but the product is still going strong and growing well, they say. “The switch you covered in Arctic Startup last year to B2B has been the best decision we ever made; we have been able to reach customers in creative industries, education, health, etc,” says Andersen.

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