Presefy Syncs And Controls Presentations Over Your Phone

    Adding more connectivity to presentations is an obvious trend to embrace – we can do a lot better these days than the same technology offered by MS PowerPoint ’95. One such startup is Presefy, located way up in Oulu, Finland, but made a splash here in Helsinki when participating in the Startup Sauna Spring 2012 program. Since then they’ve rebuilt much of the code, offering a clean presentation tool that keeps you and your audience in sync.

    The way it works is pretty simple. You upload your presentation into Presefy, and when you’re ready to present, you navigate to the presentation on your phone and select. You then have a URL you can display the slides on a projector or share the code with the audience so they can follow along on their devices.

    The cool thing about booting it up on your phone is that you then can view and control the presentation from your device. The clicker devices you can buy for presentations are cool, but nearly everyone has a web-enabled phone these days, and its great to see the presentation on your phone’s screen. As long as you have internet access, you can wander though the audience (because that’s engaging) and still know where you are in your slide deck and move to the next slide.

    “The thing we also found out is that people like it over Skype. It makes it really easy for us to share our marketing material, for example, just by going to, and I can show you all the content I want in real time,” says Eero Rönkkö, co-founder and CEO.

    They’re throwing off the “Beta” tag today, and will be focused more on growth from here on out. Another step from here is building a native app. “It’s nice that we have an HTML5 app that works great with a browser on practically any device, but we also want to bring the mobile client because it brings some other benefits also,” says Rönkkö.

    The other week we covered, a Copenhagen-based spinoff of Canvasdropr which synched presentations onto people’s phones. Both products seem to have their strong points, and it will be interesting to see how each grows.