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PremiumFanPage Lets You Connect Your Brand More Locally

PremiumFanPageCommunication is absolutely essential and there has to be something common or familiar about how you communicate in order to get your message across. Language is definitely or rather the obvious factor in our day to day conversation. Think of it for a moment what if Facebook was only in English or some other region specific language? Google Translate? Yeah, sure but how many times has it actually helped you understood everything? It fails a lot and is definitely not the recommended tool to use when it comes to branding your product.

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Sounds like a boring university lecture, so lets come to the matter. Jani Penttinen, CEO and co-founder of Xiha added another dimension to his multilingual social network by announcing the launch of PremiumFanPage at the CES ‘11.

PremiumFanPage is based on the XIHA multilingual social media platform and combines your feeds from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and others to sum them up on one single fan site. The winning aspect is it offers realtime translation, thus enhancing your global visibility. Page creation is no rocket science either and PFP ensures it doesn’t end being a tedious task.

Following are some of the key features PremiumFanPage offers:

  • Instant translation in 58 languages
  • Professional translation available as per customer needs
  • Zero maintenance, your fan page remains updated

Those are just a few. It currently offers two editions; Premium and the Standard Edition. The premium edition offers complete customization of the layout with preconfigured Google Analytics an Chartbeat starts and costs $499 a year. Where as the Standard Edition is free of charge and your pages are located on the Xiha social network. There is also a Designer Package, which includes professional website design and implementation, search engine and social media optimization at $4590 for a two year contract. The Angry Bird’s page is the first fan page being created using PFP. It is not yet live.

Angry Birds PremiumFanPage

If you ask my opinion on this, a tool such as this is absolutely essential, especially if you are keen at exploring another market where language is a barrier. Your idea or business might be a killer in your region with massive following but it may crash totally on a shift to another market. Even business models fail and find it impossible to gain trust of investors and potential partners, Spotify is one such example and language is a very major player in all this.

Companies large or small already engage or hire people to do human translation and often end up paying an awfully large amount, which is by all means justified. But the point here is that do we really need the efforts of a human translator when it comes to responding to comments? I personally think an automated method can work perfectly here since most of this communication is short and the organization can spend more time in investing revenue on getting more essential segments translated and outsource the same to rid themselves of all the cumbersome tasks that come associated with this.

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