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The year has just turned to 2010 and it’s time to do some predicting into the future on the most likely trends this year. While they may not be accurate nor hold true in the end, it’s nice to get a feel for what people are predicting. I’ve got 6 predictions, some not so spectacular, others slightly more outside the possible reach.

The first one is a pretty obvious one based on the recent developments in the media world as well as the startups involved in this industry as well: online video will become a mainstream alternative for advertisers. This does not mean that online video itself will be watched in equally large amounts to regular television, but it will become an alternative and a possibility for advertisers. This essentially means that the industry itself will grow as a business and become an attractive platform for doing business.

Secondly, Android will continue to gain market share with new phones and improvements. This will create enough competition into the mobile market and the applications there. With Android growing in market share, Apple’s attractiveness will lower as it loses the edge in the application business with long approval times and poor signal to noise ratio among the applications themselves. Nokia might be building up its possibilities in the application business along with the N900 and new phones they are releasing.

Thirdly, moving to some company specific predictions, Spotify will finally sign those deals to enter the US market. It will grow significantly and become a real alternative to other music services there. Artists will become more appreciative of its business model as play amounts increase world wide. Finally, Jonathan will still irritate those with free accounts to switch to the paid alternative.

Another Swedish powerhouse Videoplaza will sign more deals and become one of the most attractive startups in the region looking to expand to the US. They will also strengthen their foothold in Europe with new deals and offices.

Next to last, is my prediction with regards to the game business. Remedy Entertainment will launch Alan Wake during the summer of 2010. Slightly late, but still almost on time. This could become one of the most anticipated and successful games of the year coming from the region.

Lastly, a little out of reach perhaps, but startups and growth companies will raise their heads on the political radar. Politicians will become more appreciative of the effects of the startup ecosystem. This will result in more talks of easing the functioning of the ecosystem and hopefully result in concrete results in 2011.

So there, some more specific predictions and others on a bit more macroeconomic level. What are your comments? Are my predictions out of this world or feasible? Have I left out any obvious ones?

Photo by Eva the Weaver