Pre-Apocalypse Summit In Finland, Tuusula

On 16th of July, 2018, a historical Summit took place in Helsinki. Major leaders of humanity – President Trump of USA and President Putin of Russia have met. Since then, things escalated quickly.

Historians now suggest that the meeting was an undercover attempt to destabilize the Western World by a third-party organization from the East which was the de-facto controller of both USA and Russia, with the European Union as the target.

What followed were a number of financial and real wars, and it looked like World War 3 was inevitable. Luckily, the Anonymous Group, together with world-scale crowdfunding attempts revealed all the intricacies of the conspiracy and the all-out war was prevented by 2026.

The damage was done and the world’s economy fully collapsed by 2042. Although automation has replaced all workers, the basic income program from Finland proved insufficient given high inflation rates, natural resource shortages slowed production, and the Cairo Accord 10 degree limit was surpassed. Half of the world’s 15 billion soul population now consists of climate refugees, with 38% of the world – uninhabitable. Power and efficiency of resource allocation, as well as societal structures, are our main concerns.

Today, on 16th of July 2078, the Artificial Intelligence council is announcing a program that will search for the brightest minds to prevent the apocalypse. We need engineers, developers, designers, societal philosophers, and entrepreneurs. Selected few will be invited to partake in an attempt to build tools that will save humanity from a collapse that the AI council estimates at 97.4% probability by the year 2189.

If you want to join the recruits, apply here, and you will be informed of the process. The Tuusula Summit is to take place on the 17th of August, in one of the few military-controlled nature reserves. Spread this information with those worthy. The future of our civilization depends on the Tuusula Cityhack Summit.

Enter the Summit!