PR Consultancy for Gaming opens in Finland

    Even casual observers can probably notice Finland’s economy is turning more and more mobile game focused. Sure, the headlines are all about Supercell these days, and it’s tough to go outside without seeing an angry bird. But you’ll notice more and more people starting up companies in the broader Finnish gaming industry, such as help with licensing, cross promotion, and now it’s very own PR agency.

    “Considering the recent great news on the Finnish game industry, it’s clear that the industry is booming and more success stories can be expected. SagaSocial was founded to convey the new success stories to the world,” founder Merja Turpeinen explains.

    Turpeinen has been working in the PR industry for the past 10 years, and most recently has served as the head of the PR & Communications department for Sulake, the developer of Habbo Hotel, which was acquired by Elisa last February after going through a turbulent year of allegations the company’s platform was a “paedophile haven”.

    With that experience under her belt, it’s reasonable to expect she can help navigate whatever situation your gaming company is going through, and pull from her networks to get your name out there. We’ve received press releases and contact from countless PR people over the years, and I can say she’s one of the good ones.

    But pulling back a little, it’s great to see Finland’s gaming economy develop into a fully functioning ecosystem, which will be crucial as the country begins to rely less on Nokia for their entire economy. With more pieces of the puzzle in place, perhaps Helsinki can make itself a destination for gaming companies to set-up shop.