Powerkiss Goes From Wireless Charging To A Service Platform (Video)

    PowerkissWe all know Powerkiss from before, but to be honest you can get only so excited about wireless mobile phone charging.

    But Powerkiss is not really what it looks like on the surface. One could easily think their core offering is wireless charging. Think again. Increasingly in the future it will be centered around Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled service platform which acts as a glue between different consumer services. Think location based advertising, where the location has been pinned down to the level of a restaurant table, or really selling any other service that is tied to a location. The variations are endless.

    I met Powerkiss on our Silicon Valley Crusade, where they had joined to raise an A-round of funding. I talked with them about the product and the new approach that they’ve been cooking up behind the scenes. See the video below.