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ArcticEvening Tallinn was held yesterday in the great premises of Technopolis Ülemiste. Around 100 people gathered to the event to both network and listen to a top notch presentation by William Wolfram of DealDash on startup metrics. Technopolis Ülemiste had also sponsored some snacks and drinks at the venue, which naturally helped break the ice. Wolfram gave a very packed and high quality presentation on how DealDash sees and works with metrics. What made it all the better was the personal experience he was able to share in also where they went wrong.

But what really came on top during the evening is the amount of ambition and passion there is in Estonia, as in the whole Arctic Rim, so to speak. The Startup Wise Guys gave a short presentation in the beginning on how they are setting up their accelerator and where they are now, some ten days before the deadline for applications (by the way, you still have a few more days to apply so make it quick). It’s very impressive that while there are still so many days until the deadline, they already have 150 applications from enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to participate.

Garage48 was also very much present at the venue promoting their Tallinn Music 2012 event which will take place in a couple of weeks. You should really make an effort to visit the event if you’re even slightly interested in what happens on the music front. Naturally many great startups and entrepreneurs will also be present there which makes for great networking.

Finally – we’d really like to thank Technopolis Ülemiste, Garage48, The Startup Wise Guys, William Wolfram and all of you who came to the event and made it so much fun. Oh, and if you’re an unemployed web developer – do take a look at DealDash, they’re currently hiring!

Tallinn was really powered by the #EstonianMafia in a truly positive way. We’re going to see a lot of exciting companies emerge in the near future from this tiny, but highly talented community of entrepreneurs.

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