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ArcticIndexI wanted to kickstart the week by giving a little heads up on our ArcticIndex and what we’ve been up to lately. Sometime back we added the jobs part to the website and even though it hasn’t been under tremendous use – it has received a lot of attention.

Today – we’re announcing an addition to the service, events. We decided to let go of our Yahoo Upcoming account and build it ourselves to ArcticIndex. Actually, the wonderful guys at Kisko Labs did it – do contact them if you’re in need of development resources, they do a fantastic job. Anyways, one of the reasons was also that we really want to give all the necessary tools for the community to do this sort of activities without us being a gatekeeper in the middle.

Adding an event and sharing information regarding it is easy – just sign in using your ArcticIndex credentials and click the add event link on the frontpage. Fill out the simple form with all the details and you’re done! These events will then get pulled into our blog’s sidebar, so you will get visibility here as well.

Furthermore, we want to continue on this track in the future as well. We’ve opened an Arctic development blog where we want to share our development roadmap with our readers. We also want to get some feedback on the releases, such as this as to improve them in the future to the direction you’d want to see them being developed in. So don’t hesitate to drop by and comment on our releases at the Arctic development blog.

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