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Finnish startup Popit Medical Technologies launched on Monday Popit Sense – a smart pill reminder device for women who are taking birth control pills.
The device – which comes along with mobile phone app, attaches to the birth control pill sheet and automatically detects when a pill has been popped. It also reminds the user if it looks like a pill might be forgotten.

“Our research shows over 80% of women on the birth control pill have forgotten to take it at least once during the last year and over 40% rely on their memory alone. Many people don’t know it, but the typical birth control pill use with occasional forgetfulness raises the risk of unintended pregnancy from less than 1% all the way to 9%,” Teemu Piirainen, CEO of Popit Medical Technologies, said in a statement.
After birth control pills Popit intends to expand into other medications, addressing anti-hypertensive, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes medication. “We are on a mission to digitize medicine and are starting by supporting the birth control pill users,” adds Teemu.
While the smart pill reminder will be available in Q4 2016, Popit Medical Technologies is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign and a pilot this summer.

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