Poll: Have you thought about your company's exit strategy?

    Many entrepreneurs don’t have the mindset that they want to build something beautiful only to sell it away. But looking at the numbers, only a few companies in the Nordics and Baltics seem to make it to an IPO every year, and it’s not every day that I write about mid or later-stage companies that are entirely bootstrapped or are cashing out their investors from revenue.

    For better or worse, to rapidly grow your company you’ll look for a boost of cash to hire and spend. The flip side of this is that if you take investor’s money then deep down you have some pressure to eventually exit their investment in one way or another.

    As much as I’d like to see Nordic and Baltic companies acquiring American companies (instead of the other way around) exits by acquisition are good for our region. It refunds investors, creates a new batch of experienced Angel investors, and can free up our region’s successful entrepreneurs to start a new company, perhaps with an even higher ambition level.

    One thing we’re doing the day before the Arctic15 opens its doors is hosting an Exits Workshop by Dr. Basil Peters, an M&A and exits guru. Here we’ll host entrepreneurs and angel investors in a workshop setting to learn more about how to successfully position your company (or investment) for an acquisition, and to time your exit in the right stage of your company’s growth.

    These workshops are extremely popular in the US and can cost upwards of $400 and usually sell out. Taking into account our culture, we set the price to €150 and you can get the tickets here.

    Knowledge is power when it comes to massive transfers of cash and value, so hearing these ins and outs from an experienced professional is something you don’t want to miss. Register for a ticket to the Dr. Basil Peters Exit workshop on May 26th, while we still have space! All attendees will also get a free book by Peters titled Early Exits.

    Additionally we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on exits? One lucky submitter will also get a free ticket (or a refund on your purchased ticket) to both Arctic15:Exit Path and the Exit Workshop by answering, but grab tickets to the exit workshop now before they sell out.

    Tickets to the Early exits workshop can be found here.

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