Last week, the Danish based Podio closed a relatively large $4 million round in Series A funding. Sunstone Capital led the round. According to Tommy Ahlers, the CEO of Podio, the funds will be used to grow the sales of the company and also finance key hires.

Podio is a new kind of an enterprise software, looking to disrupt how people work. The service has many different features to take an organisations work routines online and ease them with simple to use tools. Podio’s tools can be used in a variety of ways – from company intranets and extranets, project management and recruiting solutions, to CRM, business intelligence and company-wide social platforms. We talked to Tommy Ahlers about where Podio is currently and how it intends to grow during 2011.

“We have currently more than 6000 organisations using our service and of these we have a couple of hundred paying customers”, says Tommy Ahlers. The company employes 15 people currently and is fully invite only. However, Tommy Ahlers also disclosed that the company will be launching the service in a couple of months for the public enabling anyone to sign up.

The approach is interesting and something of a hybrid of today’s technology companies’ go-to-market strategies. While being completely invite only, they have managed to sign-up an impressive amount of organisations including some paid customers. Tommy Ahlers stated that this has been an important part in growing in a controlled way. “It’s not about others stealing your product, but more about controlling and managing user expectations in a better way, “he stated.

In 2011, Podio will be focusing on opening up the service, including its developer API to the public. The API is currently in use internally, but with the opening of the service to the public, developers will be able to create third party applications to the platform.

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