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I had the privilege of interviewing Klaus Nyengaard, the group CEO of Just-Eat, a Danish originated company that currently employs over 400 people with revenues in the tens of millions of euros. First I was supposed to interview Nyengaard for an article on ArcticStartup, but the discussion flowed quite nicely so I decided to make it into a podcast. We touched on quite a few items of Just-Eat’s business, including how they see expansion as well as plans for an IPO. We covered Just-Eat just last week and I have to say – very, very few people have reacted which such pace as Nyengaard did (not to mention he’s the group CEO) to get back to me on the article.

Klaus Nyengaard isn’t one of the original founders, but he’s been riding with the company for the better part of its rapid growth. When he joined Just-Eat, 85% of its business came from Denmark and it employed some 30 or so people. Today the company revenues are going to be around 40-50 million euros (based on estimates regarding information in podcast) and they employ more than 400 people.

I really enjoyed doing the podcast and would like to hear your feedback on it. If it’s something you guys would enjoy listening to in the future, we might even make this a habit in the future to interview interesting people in the ecosystem every now and then. So do leave your comments below this post or send us feedback to editor@arcticstartup.com.

Below, you can listen to the interview through the Flash -player or download the MP3-file to your favorite device.

Download MP3: Interview with Klaus Nyengaard of Just-Eat (13,7MB).

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