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Benedikt Franke on his entrepreneurial learnings that led to founding Helpling

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Benedikt Franke is one of Germany’s ‘prototype entrepreneurs’. After studying “Philosophy & Economics” and working for the Boston Consulting Group, he joined Rocket Internet and became part of its team of young entrepreneurs that successfully accelerated digital entrepreneurship ‘made in Germany’ by the end of the 2000s. For Rocket, he worked as Head of HR and as COO for its venture MyCityDeals. In 2010, Benedikt founded his first own company, the Latin American Media Group, which he successfully sold by the end of 2013. Eight years after he entered the startup world at Rocket Internet, Benedikt is working with Oliver Samwer again. This time by founding Helpling – one of Europe’s leading startups that successfully digitalizes the old-fashioned cleaning and home services industry.

With Helpling, people can find assistance for their household. Customers can book a vetted and insured home service provider and gain back time that they would spend on chores like cleaning within just a couple of clicks. For the professional home service providers, the innovative online platform makes it easier than ever to find new clients and to manage when and where they want to work.

Besides ambitiously growing Helpling in an increasing number of international markets, Benedikt is also active as a Business Angel for startups like buzz-generating condom producer Einhorn.

In this episode, Benedikt talks about the fast-paced learning experience he had when he began his startup journey at Rocket Internet in 2009, how to make it work when you found a company with a close friend, why you should email Oliver Samwer if you have a good business idea and the next steps for his startup Helpling.

by Startup Notes

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