Plugg – A Stage For European Startups To Shine

Plugg, one of the better conferences in Europe, is held 11 March in Belgacom Surf House at Brussels. It’s a one-day conference with a clear focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and raising global awareness for those European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field that stand out in the crop.

There’s certainly not too much celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and we are excited to see Plugg bringing together some of the best thinkers and startups on the continent. Our good friend and established writer at TechCrunch, Robin Wauters is at it again and is going to showcase the best that Europe has to offer. Plugg is a must for anyone who’s anybody in the European startup scene.

It’s Plugg’s third year running and just as before, they go on a quest to find the best European startups for an exciting pitching competition on stage, at the event, in front of the entire audience and a number of professional judges.

As of today, European startups can submit their company and team member profiles, after which the professional jury will decide which 20 of them are deemed worthy enough to compete, based on a set of fixed criteria and their own assessment.

Go and apply! The deadline for registration is 12 February 2010 (Friday next week). Good luck!