Plug into Relaxed to disconnect from Social Media these Holidays

    Looking to unplug over the holidays? Sure, you’ve got your email auto reply set, but that phone is still going to be buzzing in your pocket from Tweets and Facebook posts headed your way. To help you stay focused on the important things this holiday season, Swedish innovation agency Rodolfo has put together an auto reply service for social media with the online TV and movie platform Viaplay.

    It’s really simple. In three steps, you connect your social media accounts, choose your away message and how long you want it to be set for, and you’re set to relax without the feeling of guilt that you have to be quick to respond to anyone. Instead, Relaxed will respond with an automated message.

    That’s good and timely news for the holidays, but I think it’s a great example of putting together a quick project, finding customers, and then making some money off of a tool some people might just build for themselves as a weekend project.

    “Last summer we really felt like we were missing an auto reply service for social media. We also wanted to see how fast we could make it,” says Ludwig Jonsson from Rodolfo. “It only took two days, but I think that’s somewhat unfair because we were doing it at night as well.”

    After putting together the product, they were able to get it in front of Viaplay, who they already has some sort of relationship with. “They said they felt it was a cool product that fit into their business plan, so they pretty much approached us saying they wanted to do the product. Then we collaborated on how it could happen.”

    According to Jonsson, it’s not a big PR stunt for Viaplay, but a service they can provide their clients with. Despite that, the service has some viral aspects, and when clicking on the Relaxed link within the social media reply you’ll be led to a Viaplay branded page that tells you about the Relaxed service, and shows off some timely Christmas movies in their collection.