Playraven starts talking up new IP: Robocide

Finnish game developer Playraven has started talking up some new IP.

Their first game, Spymaster, was celebrated as one of the most original games to hit the iPad where players trained a network of undercover agents to undermine the Axis plans for world domination. With players taking a management role, the game came across more like a board game, similar to Sid Meyer’s Civilization.

With their new title, Robocide, they’re moving more into the Real Time Strategy space to let you control hundreds of robots in real time to wipe out your enemy. Moving frmo CIV to Command & Conquer.

With just a few images and title teasing the game, those interested in learning more can still sign up for their beta before the game is soft-launched this summer.

We’re very close to soft launch and have currently assumed the fetal position, bracing ourselves for impact.

With it the Playraven header image on their website finally makes sense – the futuristic space scene never quite fit with their WWII Spymaster aesthetic.