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Playmysong is a Helsinki, Finland based startup making every mobile phone a control device for the digital jukebox in a restaurant. Last week the company announced that Overlook NYC bar near Grand Central terminal in New York has become the first venue in the United States to start using Playmysong. The company is tapping into the 160 million Apple mobile device market with their iPhone app. The basic service is free, but for a premium fee of $399 venues can get premium benefits as mood styled playlists and autoplay features.

“Playmysong started with the simple thought that when I’m in a bar and hear random backround music, why can’t I use my mobile phone to select my favorite song and play it? At home I get to choose what I listen to so why cannot I do it in bars?”, explains Timo Kari, the company’s co-founder.

We recently wrote about Playmysong as being one of the finalists in Midemnet Lab along with the other Finnish music startups.

Playmysong’s service has been piloted in Finland as well as a in Germany since last autumn. In the first two months more than 800 songs were played by bar visitors. 45% of users played more than five songs and 75% of users played more than one song.

During March, Playmysong is on a tour in the US. “North American market is key to our success. Our service is made for the Foursquare generation and what better place to launch than in New York, which is one of the nightlife capitals of the planet”, Timo explains. The company will also be pitching at the SXSW AppCircus event taking place today.

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