Players of Stockholm-based Ruzzle Swipe to the Moon and Back 26 Times

    Stockholm’s MAG Interactive have hit some numbers that boggle the mind. Since launching in March of 2012, Ruzzle announces it has hit 45 million downloads with 12 million rounds of the game played. The game is one of those four-by-four word grids that challenge the player to find as many words possible in a given amount of time, like a Words with Friends, for example.

    Players swipe their finger across the letters to find words, and adding up the length of all those little swipes within Ruzzle has equaled to roughly the distance of the moon and back 26 times. And I don’t know if you know this, but the moon is really far away. That’s gamification for you. Since launching, the game has hit the top 10 list in 148 countries, with around 40 million players. The highest level players average 180 words per round, or 1.5 words per second.

    “We are proud that Ruzzle has hit such staggering milestones,” said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of developer MAG Interactive. “Since its launch, we have continuously improved the game. Even when it started to take off, we didn’t stop refining the game and still have more ideas and plans to create the best possible product. “

    MAG interactive was founded to develop apps for other countries, but their first independent title has clearly become a success. After Ruzzle, the team produced Quizzcross, a social trivia game that counts four million players. In 2012 the company posted revenues of 15 million SEK, or €1.7 million.

    “It’s proof that a small, motivated team can produce and maintain an excellent product. While we remain tightly focused, we are actively looking for more talented people to join our team and help take the company to new heights as part of the vibrant development scene in our home city of Stockholm.”

    Ruzzle can be played in 13 different languages and is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle and Blackberry platforms.