Plan On Raising Money? Learn How To Negotiate A Term Sheet!

    You should by now know that tomorrow is a big day in Helsinki as Term Sheet Battle will be taking place at Apollo Live Club, starting at 17:30. One hypothetical startup, called “Gaming Solutions IQ”, represented by Micke Paqvalén from Kiosked, will be fighting over terms against Daniel Blomquist from Creandum and Jimmy Fussing Nielsen of Sunstone Capital, together representing a hypothetical VC firm “General Partners of Ravenous Ventures IV”.

    Before the event begins, everyone attending will get a complementary drink and snacks thanks to Bird & Bird and then the battle will begin. The two sides will be presented with a theoretical Series – A Term Sheet Agreement, which you can already download at take a look at, here.

    Then the two sides will start the negotiations, going through everything from price, liquidation preference, vesting, as well as option pools, anti-dilutions and control issues.

    The crowd will also witness the answers to questions such as: “What is the right number of directors for an early stage startup?”, “Should one board seat automatically go to the CEO?”, “Why is there a 2X liquidation preference and what does it mean?”, “If the founders stock has already been issued, then why would VC, angel and/or co-founders want “reverse” vesting (i.e. buyback rights)? Is that fair?” and much more. For a complete overview of the talking post, feel free to download this pdf.

    Tickets are still available. Get yours before they run out! If you ever plan on raising funding, you can’t miss this event. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments!