PitchTube Part 1: Kuka Promotes Media Transparency

    Kuka platform connects journalists and experts in a quick and easy manner.

    We love writing about new companies, but we also want to embrace the creativity of the startups while creating interesting content about new concepts and companies.

    That’s why we want to challenge the Nordic and Baltic startups to pitch their ideas in a way that their voice will be heard – and they will be seen. So if you and your team believe that press releases are dead – this following concept might get your interest.

    PitchTube 1: Kuka – Helsinki-based Startup That Enables Journalists and Experts To Connect Quickly

    Kuka is on a mission: the startup wants to promote transparency and broaden the scope of expertise used in the media.

    Expert utilized as commentators in the media are often the same ones that appear frequently in multiple channels. Through widening the scope of expertise used in the media, Kuka promotes transparency on their platform that connects journalists and experts.

    How ArcticStartup Pitchtube Works

    We’re launching a new section at ArcticStartup called “PitchTube”. The idea of the concept is to give the power to the startups to tell their story in a way you want.

    We want you to introduce yourselves to the community, so that you can tell yourself what’s the problem that you’re solving and how you’re gonna change the world.

    We encourage you to be experimental and personal in your 2-3 minute video pitches – so include there everything you find necessary. Do the video exactly so that it expresses your startups culture and spirit.

    We have only one limitation: the video should not be any longer than three minutes.

    The best pitching videos will be published weekly in ArcticStartup Youtube channel, blog and our social media channels (in which we have 35 000 followers in total).

    Please send the links to the videos (or the videos) to [email protected]