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Pitching for most promising Finnish growth company 2008

Helsingin Sanomat arranges a competition for finding out the most promising innovative growth company in Finland. The event is held in Sanomatalo, downtown Helsinki, on Tuesday Jan 8th at 4pm. Admission is free for everyone interested.

Helsingin Sanomat has come up with 10 most prominent Finnish firms that are deemed to be on the way to great success based on votes for 160 firms by VCs and other experts working with growth companies. The firms are Beneq, Codenomicon, Digium, Ekahau, Floobs, Idean, Movial, Plenware, Sulake, and Xtract. Each firm is given two minutes to pitch their plan for taking over the world.

The winner will be chosen by a jury of six students from Helsinki University of Technology, The University of Art and Design Helsinki, and Helsinki School of Economics (two each). In addition there is separate public voting also, the results of which will also be published in the event.

Information from The Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology tells that also Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President and CEO of Nokia, would be giving a speech at the event, though I couldn’t confirm this from anywhere else.

The choice of firms may be controversial or not, so the results are better not to be taken too seriously, but it’s nevertheless a good opportunity for all participants to practice pitching

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