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Pipedrive is a new Estonian startup that is currently in closed beta, developing their fresh looking sales tool. I had the chance to take a look at the service and I can share some screenshots from it. Since many sales tools are essentially answering the same need, the UI and logic of use plays a very big role in how successful it can become. Pipedrive has in my opinion caught some of that Apple like eyecandy and usability in their product. It’s extremely useful to use and I’m seriously thinking of already switching over from our current sales pipeline tool CapsuleCRM.

In essence there are five major views in the service, the pipeline, deals, organisations, people and products. Then there are the settings where you can define your sales stages, invite more users and add your goals (how many deals need to be advanced, reached goal, etc.). The most important view by far is naturally the pipeline itself. This is shown below.

Advancing the deals to the next stage in the service is easy – drag and drop. If you click the deal, you’ll be able to edit all the details regarding it. I really like the simplistic approach pipedrive has built into their product. It focuses the eye around the important details, and only asks for a small set of data regarding each deal to be entered. Naturally this means no multinational company would be able to use it, but it serves hundred of thousands if not millions of small businesses for their need.

Users are also able to include certain sets of products and price them accordingly. These products can then be used to create new deals for new people and organisations.

Naturally there are some short comings in the service as well and that’s acceptable as it’s in closed beta. There are for example no importing nor exporting of data available, something all organisations need if they are going to add tens of their clients into the service – it needs to be automated.

However, there’s something very useful in the service when it comes to deals themselves. While these are features that other sales tools also posses, I believe they have been captured in a nice way in pipedrive. For example, you’re able to add small tasks regarding the deal and followers that are then able to follow all the activities regarding that deal. Very useful stuff. Below is a screenshot of the deals page.

Making it big among sales tools is not easy. While there’s a long way to go for pipedrive, I really like the early progress the service has shown and like I mentioned earlier – I’m very close to changing ArcticStartup’s sales pipeline to pipedrive.

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