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Danish marketplace communities combine their forces to become the largest one for home services

Copenhagen-based startup Pinploy becomes the parent of Handyhand, the Danish online platform for deliveries of any kind of services like gardening, babysitting, educational assistance, etc. The two share the same vision and mission for their business and have decided to merge their platforms to widen the user experience and strengthen their hands in the market where they now are the largest marketplace for tasks. With this merger, both platforms will welcome their users in a brand new platform where they combine Pinploy’s technology with Handyhand’s existing network. Heymate, the Aarhus-based digital firm that sells Handyhand to Pinploy, will be joining the two for the ownership of the new platform.

Denmark’s two largest platforms for odd jobs become one!

Pinploy is a Copenhagen startup that has created an AI-powered Airbnb for home services, whether you are looking for a handyman, cleaning, garden help, or something completely different such as a bartender or a home hairdresser. The platform is available both as a website and an app. The thing about Pinploy is its strong matching algorithm. The algorithm can analyze and categorize tasks, which it can then match with private and solo contractors that the AI algorithm knows perform these kinds of tasks, based on their behavior on the platform. Pinploy then provides insurance, secure payment, and support on tasks, so you can feel safe in finding help.

Pinploy, Handyhand, Saxo Merrild AgdesteinFounder and CEO Saxo Merrild Agdestein says: “Our members love that they can get a quote on their task in a few minutes and not within weeks, which is the norm. Whether it’s a shelf that needs to be hung or a living room that needs to be painted. On average, tasks on the platform are completed within 1.5 days of it being posted, which is unheard of in these times when the demand for services for the home is so high.”

The Copenhagen startup chose to take an alternative method to grow its business.

Saxo tells: “There are very few players on the market in Denmark and since it is not a huge market, we believe that the right way is to put the biggest players together and create something very special. That’s why we contacted Handyhand, which is an older platform with older technology but has almost 100,000 users and large organic traffic. Fortunately, they had the same vision for the market, so now we are combining the two platforms and creating Denmark’s largest marketplace for tasks between private and solo contractors”

Heymate sells Handyhand to Pinploy. Pinploy merges the two platforms and creates Denmark’s supremely largest marketplace with over 100,000 users, for tasks between private individuals. Heymate joins the ownership circle of the new company, which will exist under the name Handyhand.

Pinploy, Handyhand, Heymate, Christoffer HübertzPartner in Heymate (Handyhand), Christoffer Hübertz states: “We see it as the perfect match. Pinploy has a strong business model and a competent team that has delivered great results, and we, therefore, see it as a very good match in relation to the fact that with the merger we are adding the traffic and brand from Handyhand, which we have developed over the past four years to be Denmark’s largest platform for services by far.

We look forward to continuing in the company. Both Pinploy and Handyhand have been on impressive growth journeys and we are looking forward to helping to accelerate growth further.”

Pinploy, Handyhand, Heymate

Saxo says: “We have looked at Handyhand from day 1, which has created incredibly good organic growth and has a huge community of handyhands and task owners. We can bring a newer technology, AI, as well as an app and a proven business model, to Handyhand’s strong growth engine and large user base – for us it is the perfect match. At Pinploy, we have in recent years built a technologically superior platform that matches users using machine learning. We look forward to being able to create a stronger network effect and greater value for both sides of the marketplace with the new Handyhand platform”.

Pinploy.dk will in future be called Handyhand.dk. Within the next months, the website will become Handyhand.dk and the pinploy.dk website will disappear!

Founder Saxo M. Agdestein on starting the business: “My idea to start Pinploy actually came from my father. My father has always worked as a private handyman for a number of expats, and has always been handy for making things at home and for friends. I could see how much value it had for people that my father could help even with simple things around the home. They loved his service because he could always come quickly, and was skilled and friendly. I wanted to try and see if I could scale that experience and bring it to many more people. “

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