Pikkoo Lauches Interactive Mobile Screensavers And Wallpapers

    pikkooPikkoo, a Finnish startup focusing on social, user generated and interactive mobile content for Flash Lite and non-Flash Lite phones, has launched its public beta.

    By utilizing Adobe Flash Lite and its own proprietary technologies, Pikkoo makes personalization and interaction possible for a very wide set of mobile devices. This includes not only S60 phones, Series 40 or iPhone but practically majority of the phones, since with Pikkoo’s proprietary technology it’s possible to generate compatible content, which enables Pikkoo to support majority of mobile handsets that currently exist.

    That said, Pikkoo still works best on Flash Lite enabled devices with interactive elements such as time, signal/battery strength, date as a screen saver. According to Adobe there are about a billion such devices currently in the market.


    By using Pikkoo Screensaver Manager mobile application, it’s also possible to add additional interaction and functionality to the screensaver above and beyond say just seeing time or signal strength. In theory, this could mean that you could for example see your Twitter feed without executing an application, and possible even sending Tweet after you have unluck your keypad. Something that directly supports the Twitter argument, or any other close to realtime feed you would like to see on your phone’s screensaver is the ‘Refresh interval’ option in Settings menu of Pikkoo Screensaver Manager.

    In all honesty, various user generated interactive mobiles screensavers and wallpapers can be nice, but a Twitter screensaver that I can use to follow my Twitter feed, and possible even send out Tweets on my Nokia E75, would make a lot of sense given the popularity of the service.