Piipl – Web 2.0 Tool For User-Driven Innovation Processes

    Piipl logoPiipl is a Danish web service focused on improving the innovation processes of enterprises, government agencies, and researchers by facilitating user-driven innovation. The service could be used for product or service improvement, change management, user research, or any similar process benefiting from interaction of and input from multiple persons. Piipl has been created in cooperation by three Danish firms, Copenhagen Living LabWorkz, and 23 Visual.

    Piipl’s service is based on a closed site where different activities involving the users around a specific desired topic can be set up. The “people involvement and innovation platform” enables users to capture, organize, and discuss observations and insights with text, pictures and video, also using mobile phones.

    Piipl screenshotProduct manager Ezra Goldman from Piipl commented  they sell the web service as a SaaS solution, but the main approach currently is to include also consulting in the bundle, offering to manage the whole process from designing for and collecting of user feedback as part of an innovation process. The main target customers are small companies and internal teams in big corporations. Also public organizations can come into question, and Piipl’s service has been used to faciliate inhabitants’ participation city planning.

    Europe and the US are considered the main markets for the service, and Piipl are focusing extensively on finding new customers in the coming months. They would also like to find partners, for example freelance process consultants, for offering the product and related consulting service. According to Ezra they have been working with big corporations and Piipl have 6-8 organizations agreed as paying beta testers within the next six months. The service has been developed for about two years up to date, and has currently six months of funding left, after which the specific future of the project will be decided.