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Picmeleo is a new Finnish photo startup that recently got in touch with us. They’re developing a new kind of service which in essence is a photo editing tool, but positioned in the market in a wise manner. The tool itself is sort of an external application that companies providing services online can add on top of their own service, instead of having to come up with their own tool.

The guys have made it dead simple to embed the editor to your website. Let me prove my point. All I did was copy pasted a line of code to this post and you are able to open the service with the following link (obviously you can’t save the photo to our server, but you’re able to play around with the image):

Open Picmeleo editor

I haven’t seen many executions where this has been this easy – and it actually works according to what’s being promised. The smartness of this idea, in my opinion does not lie in the technology itself, but in the way this product has been positioned. Many would think the photo market is saturated to the maximum and it’s true, but there are still opportunities for smaller solutions like Picmeleo to capitalise on the opportunities.