PickyDomains Helping Your Brand Find The Right Name Online

    You have a killer idea with proven demand, but what you don’t have is the right domain name that does justice to your brand. You can hire me and I will charge a hefty sum for consultation without a guarantee that you would even like my suggestions. Or you can try PickyDomains. I will tell you why.

    The company’s slogan is “Risk Free Naming Service”, which means you pay only if you like/approve the domain name they suggest. The service charges you $50 per domain name and $75 per slogan, which is quite cheap compared to any agency out there that charges way more for consultation alone. Irrespective of the result, you need to pay a fee for consultancy (which isn’t wrong, but it always hurts to pay). What PickyDomains does is that it listens to what you have to say, what exactly you expect your domain to tell visitors about your brand and then makes suggestions matching your needs, no strings attached. Clients only need to pay if they approve of the name from the hundreds that are suggested, which defines the service as being risk free.

    The company also encourages people to become contributors on PickDomains, giving them a chance to help brands find the right identity online. To become a contributor users:

    • Need to have a knack for coming up with interesting names and slogans
    • Register as contributors
    • Suggest names and slogans and take 40 % to 60% of the order value.

    PickyDomains helps the countless number of helpless folks and brands out there find an identity, which is quite a daunting task for many. Especially to those who look forward to the cost effectiveness of every penny they invest. It might sound easy to register a domain with your brand, but having a true understanding of what the brand does, what value it adds the ever valuable personality to your online presence is a different matter. This is what PickyDomains delivers to its clients and having already named over 1,500 domains, it means they know what they are doing.

    The startup hails from Kaliningrad, Russia and its founder is Dmitry Davydov.