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Pianorobot Teaches The Language Of Music

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Tampere based startup Pianorobot launches today indiegogo campaign for animation game that gives you instant feedback while learning how to play piano.

Pianorobot is digital version of 40-years-old game developed by twin sisters who had problems in memorizing their notes while they had started to learn how to play piano since the age of five.

After playing piano by ear for 7 years, they developed a card game to learn every single note by heart.

Now their idea has been taken to an app that teaches you the notes of any song by using real piano and your mobile device. Pianorobot uses the same proven teaching techniques than piano schools around the world with the exception that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

“The game is universal and easy for anyone, because the game uses only symbols, not a single word. Soon you can learn a new language – the secret is in the notes,” says Senna Lehtonen, the CEO of Pianorobot.

The game has an unique sound recognition technique which enables navigating through the game easily, says Lehtonen – who is a piano teacher herself as well.

“Your mobile device is hearing your piano playing without any installations of cables or plugs. Just upload the free app and start learning.”

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