PhotoPoll is a new iOS application being developed by Nils Forsblom, one of our speakers coming to Arctic15 in September. The idea is really simple and appealing: you can create quick polls for your friends to comment with the help of images. Furthermore, if you’re a bit more open with your privacy, anyone in the application can comment on your polls.

The service hasn’t launched yet, but we’ve heard it will do so in the coming weeks. When I asked Nils Forsblom about the application and its potential uses he replied, “you can use PhotoPoll for getting your friends valuable feedback for making everyday decisions or just for random fun. Everything on PhotoPoll is tied back to the user so you are always in control.”

The app will be available for free from the App Store and one of the potential ways to monetise this according to Forsblom will be the immense amount of data people create with the application. You’ll be easily able to understand consumer behavior with the application, but also (my guess) generate public polls and get feedback from people in a quick and fun way. Photopoll could turnout to be a very fast way to conduct market research.

But, like said – the application is still being developed. We’ll make sure to let you know once it’s out. Below are two screenshots showing the product.

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