Yu scale with phone case now

YuScale, a graduate of Finnish health tech accelerator Vertical, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture phone cases which function also as scales.

YuScale helps users to track your eating habits with just a phone case.

“We connected the case with the app and created YuScale,” says Kim Kreutz, CEO and co-founder of Yuscale.

The YuScale app analysis photos of food, and combines the information with the weight of the plate — helping users to measure food intake, giving them a new and efficient way to control eating habits.

Whether you’re a passionate foodie, who cannot resist giving a shot for another delicious meal, forgetting the struggle with gaining control over weight or having issues with diabetes, just by taking your mobile anywhere with you, YuScale easily measures your exact food intake,” Kreutz said.

Careful there Kim, the pumpkin is likely weighing well over 4 kilogrammes!