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Pegasor Sells The No 1 Sensor Technology For Diesel Cars

AP3Q2IXCA3Q56G3CAIZD01OCARKFYLECA0IMODFCAF9CO8RCA0VTAOMCA93RBRQCAAWBYDBCA5W5N8UCA977XVYCAB92MTYCALDPXPNCA9Q8SBACAX5262LCAP12SVACA454064CA2A1CZYCAZSPJSZ“Even though different hybrid and electric concept cars are developed, current diesel vehicles with improved emission control and fuel economy will be dominating at least for the next 10 – 15 years. Traffic industry is huge industry with complex value chains added with interests from fuel producers and consumer behaviour. Modern diesel car offers still many advantages over other available solutions. Especially the market for new emissions control technologies is increasing boosted by legislation ” explains Juha Kaartinen, CEO for Pegasor.

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Juha’s argument makes sense: last week Finnish Proventia, emissions control solution provider for diesel traffic & industry, announced to step in company’s strategic plan to establish a strong position on the rapidly growing emission control market for diesel vehicles of Central Europe. (press release)

And Pegasor is following: first in a world, it has developed a real-time fine particle On Board Sensor technology for emissions monitoring.  On Board diagnostics means that the sensors are installed to tailpipe to monitor diesel emissions. In 2020, all diesel vehicles manufactured or imported to EU will be equipped with diesel particulate filters. Pegasor sensor technology is monitoring that this diesel particulate filter is working.

Pegasor, selected Tekes Young Innovative Company program, is based in Tampere. The co-founders Juha Tikkanen and Juha Kaartinen decided to commercialize Juha’s (Tikkanen) new particle sensor invention a  year ago. Both founders have over 10 years industry background, last entrepreneurs at Dekati.

The company starts licensing the break-through technology for Tier 1 automotive companies and for vehicle inspection via OEM manufacturers and distribution channels globally during this fall. Tier1 companies are subcontractor manufacturers (second on a value chain)for name-brand diesel engine and car manufacturers globally.

 “Our earning logic is to provide the number one technology for Tier1 globally.  In this segment, the market potential for Pegasor technology is 1.5 billion euros annually“ says Juha “ In addition, the vehicle inspection creates 70 million euros market while the current optical instruments will be replaced with instruments capable of detecting fine particles in real time. In this segment, our earning logic is be to supply our sensor technology as an OEM product for leading players in the field.”

Pegasor has two outside investors on board and is closing the next financing round to boost the OBD commercialization.

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