Are you searching a solution for how to set bates numbering to legal documents? If yes, then you are at correct place, this segment will help you learn wonderful way for putting page stamping to PDF document without any trouble. But before starting the solution, let’s first discuss why it is crucial to add bates stamp to PDF documents.

Need to add bates Stamp to PDF Document

There come multiple points in daily life when users are needed to make a unique identification for specific document. Some of the points are mentioned below:

• Updated document organization and productivity workflows
• For the accurate file management
• Document tracking and workflow management

Best and Accurate Solution for Set Bates Numbering to Legal Documents

If you want to add bates numbers or bates stamp into legal documents then, you can try CubexSoft PDF Bates Stamping Tool that is one of the most reliable and secured application to quickly insert bates stamping or bates numbering on multiple PDF files in a single go without data loss or modification. It is completely safe and doesn’t need much technical information. Its easy GUI interface makes the PDF Bates stamping procedure much easier. This utility includes some unique benefits, some of them listed below-

• Generate and put bates numbering to PDF files in bulk
• Remove encryption from PDF file and add page number on it
• Option to add Prefix or Suffix to PDF document with Page number
• Different formatting options to add bates stamp in PDF documents
• Suitable for Legal departments, Paralegals & Attorneys
• No need for Adobe Reader Installation for put bates numbering to legal documents

How to Set Bates Numbering to Legal Documents?

1. Download and launch PDF Bates Stamping Tool on your local machine
2. Go for Generate Bates Number or Generate Bates Number for File Series option and click on Add Files/Files option to add PDF’s. Check for Remove PDF encryption option
3. Then, choose the needed options like Number Details for Pages/Files, Prefix, Suffix, Starting Number, Increment by, Separator, Additional text information and its Position
4. After that, pick wanted Formatting Options and Destination Path to save resulting files documents and click on Next
5. Now, click on the Preview tab to check the preview of PDF files in PDF Viewer
6. Finally, hit on the Generate button to start the final procedure

PDF Bates Numbering Tool- Download Free Demo

Free trial version of the PDF Bates Stamping Software is available for free testing. Download it now and learn how to put bates stamping to legal documents, but only on first five pages of the opted PDF files alongwith CubexSoft demo stamp, free of cost.

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