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News to ScreenCombine marketing people with a possibility to launch a product online and you get a service where you have to pay to see advertising – News to Screen. In short, News to Screen is a seperate program you have purchase for 29 euros a year to get the news you can get online for free.

In the program you have your normal news headlines, the area where you read the news and a video banner where you will be targeted with advertisements. They company has also had a very hungry start in terms of PR. During the doping scandal of the Finnish Biathlon Association, they were the only company that actually started a sponsorship deal with the skiers left in the association.

There’s enough competition out there in the market with regards to free RSS newsreaders that you really don’t need to build barriers of adoption to your product, like putting a price on it. The company has 13 employees at the moment, of whom 4 to 5 are technically oriented. I wish them all the best, but somehow I just don’t see this product taking off.

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