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Patric Blixt is the Chief Marketing Officer of a Swedish VoIP telephony company called Rebtel. He’s been with the company since 2007 and will come to Arctic15 to share the story of the company and how they’ve been able to grow their company with such high growth rates. Earlier this year we interviewed the CEO of Rebtel, Andreas Bernström and he revealed that the company will do around $75 million in revenues this year. We’ll be sure to ask the latest figure on that in September.

Patric Blixt
Patric believes in the power of people to build and destroy brands daily and that the brands that succeed do it by actually listening to their users.

He loves disruption of evil business models (honk if you are an operator!) and has worked with digital media since 1995 at agencies like Young&Rubicam Brand Dialogue and at start-ups like Pricerunner.com. Prior to Rebtel, Patric was Director Global New Media, where he helped transform one of the most image-driven brands in the world, ABSOLUT VODKA, into offering brand utility and thereby creating the largest spirit brand online.

Patric Blixt will come to Arctic15 to replace Nils Forsblom, as he has had to cancel his visit this time.

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