Passengers test WiFi in over 175 airports – Is yours among them?

    Airport WiFi speed test campaign by Rotten WiFi sets a goal to reveal Top 20 best WiFi airports of 2015. Over 1,000 passengers have already tested WiFi in 175+ airports across 56 countries. You can still join by Dec 8 and win cool prizes:

    How to participate?

    1. Download the free Rotten WiFi app for iPhone or Android, or use the web version.
    2. Select network type
    3. Press the big green button “Start speed test
    4. Indicate where the test was done
    5. Rate the network

    It takes up to 30 seconds.

    “We let people test airports’ WiFi and share their data on social media to encourage or warn others about a particular airport,” comments Arturas Jonkus, the co-founder of Lithuanian WiFi speed test app Rotten WiFi.

    The site already features a blunt take on world’s most rotten and most amazing airport WiFi:

    The more testers take part, the more accurate and reliable Top 20 will come out of it by the end of December. The campaign aims to celebrate the best airports and publicly shun the worst ones, creating social pressure to improve.

    We encourage all airports to test their WiFi within our campaign. Especially if a venue has recently invested in upgrading internet connectivity.

    Participation of regular passengers in addition to airport staff is crucial to gather reliable data. Because passenger tests are spontaneous, no airport can prepare for them. This makes sure that test results reflect the actual situation at the venue.

    Why participate?

    1. Help out fellow travellers
    2. Here is your chance to actually do something about rotten WiFi in some airports
    3. Make your boastful airport check-ins on social media appear like acts of goodwill
    4. Get some tea and cookies at Pullman London St Pancras hotel from Rotten WiFi for most active participation. To enter – share your results directly via Twitter after doing the test. The message already includes all relevant hashtags.

    Join the war on rotten WiFi here.