Paris, Summer, and the Internet of Things: The Connected Conference (+ticket contest)

If you feel passionate about the internet of things and a summery Paris is high up your cool-places-to-go-to list, you might want to consider a trip to the Connected Conference, a hardware-themed startup event which will be held on June 18-19, 2014 at La Halle Freyssinet in Paris, France.

The conference will be hosted by Rude Media, the European publisher of the Rude Baguette – the first English-language technology authority on the French startup ecosystem – and will be the hotspot of an estimated 500 international tech enthusiasts, especially from the fields of hardware, mobile technology and consumer devices, not to forget the presence of VC’s to complement the networking and brainstorming activities. Startups and solo travelling tech amateurs from any industry field in general, looking for a french homeground perspective on tech-topics, are sure to get what they’re looking for.

The discussion will focus on the future of connected hardware, the internet of things, open source hardware, 3D printing, and hardware-enabled software.

“The evolution of connected technology has spanned electronic rabbits to fitness devices to home security monitoring, connecting the world in which we live through the phenomenon known as the internet of things,” said Liam Boogar, co-founder, CEO and editor of Rude Baguette and organizer of the Connected Conference.

“This conference explores beyond the latest wearable and printable gadgets, to examine how connected technology will affect our lives, what barriers limit its growth, and what opportunities exist in our connected world.”

The two-day conference agenda will feature keynotes, panel discussions and fireside chats that address the connected hardware ecosystem and its evolution, as well as an exhibition hall of 25 technology companies exhibiting their innovation in the connected space.

No discussion revolving around the future of technological hardware would or should be complete without an insight into the role of crowdfunding as a source of capital and its effect on tech fueled advancements and innovations themselves. Keeping this in mind, the Connected Conference will hold a startup crowdfunding competition that offers a novel twist on the traditional competitions that are a hallmark of many technology conferences.

Powered by Indiegogo, ten crowdfunding projects will launch campaigns during the conference, complete with exhibition hall stands and videos in between conference sessions. The three campaigns which receive the highest backing from attendees will be given the opportunity to pitch their campaigns on stage on June 19th.

Speakers include: Pascal Cagni, former general manager and vice-president, EMEIA, Apple; Zeesha Currimbhoy, vice-president augmented intelligence, Evernote and Kate Drane, design, tech and hardware lead, Indiegogo, just to name a few.

For the full list of speakers visit the Connected Conference website.

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