The equipment for packaging offers high speed sterilization solutions for surface microbial decontamination and is integrated in-line upstream of the filling on the sensitive product packaging line.
Technical Data
ZHONGWU High intense pulsed Light equipment Providing Customized Services
Model ZWM
Electronic cabinet standard size (W×H×D, mm): 700 × 1700 × 500
Optical unit standard size (W×H×D, mm): 760 × 120 × 300
Equipment weight(KG) ≈500KG
Lamp Module quantity 1-4
Capacity (×1000 pcs/H) 40
Power supply 380 V±10%, 50 / 60Hz
Rated power (KW) 4-20
Relative humidity ≤ 85%
Environment temperature (℃) 3-45
It is applied as a fast and reliable method in continuous operating filling plants. 
Applications include food safety as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to disinfect packaging materials. 
Pulsed Light technology can inactivate pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms on food products to significantly extend shelf life.
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