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Icelandic mobile platform receives investment from the son of Iconic rock star Mick Jagger

Music beyond dispute is one of the best way to express thoughts, emotions and maybe to overcome or deal with a trauma and even overwhelming happiness which also applies to social media. We kind of benefit from both to surmount the challenges of life and come to the surface so we can take a breath for a moment. Investing in music and offering a new platform to convey people’s living feelings are appreciated. Overtune is doing this for those who are not musically literate but still in need to express oneself through the magical notes.

Reykjavik-based musical software Overtune raises $2M in a seed round where it received $15K from whynow, an online magazine founded by Gabriel Jagger a.k.a Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger’s son. Founded in 2020 by Sigurður Ásgeir Árnason, Jason Daði Guðjónsson and Pétur Eggerz Pétursson, the Icelandic mobile platform gives opportunity users to create social media content without the need of any musical background or technical information. The tools in the app enables to arrange sounds, record a voice video and share it through social media channels. whynow will be a great partner for Overtune to achieve its mission to spread music creation among masses considering the knowledge in the industry and capital it brings.

With $2M seed funding, Overtune aim to democratize music creation

Gabriel Jagger´s media company Whynow invests in Overtune joining an already impressive list of investors. In recent days Overtune closed its $2M seed round having partnered up with Gabe Jagger’s Whynow media.

Overtune, Sigurður Ásgeir Árnason

“I am thrilled to have Gabriel and the whynow team on board at Overtune. In a few short weeks they have impressed me with their agility and startup mindset.” said Sigurður Ásgeir Árnason, Co – Founder & CEO at Overtune.

Overtune, is an incredibly intuitive mobile app that allows anyone with a smartphone and even the most basic level of musical proficiency to arrange beats, record vocals and share content to their socials. Overtune provides content that is accessible to people that don’t know how to create or produce music, whilst retaining the quality of content associated with some of the most successful music producers in the world. Content is created by arranging music in a loop-based system and adding voice and video on top.

Overtune’s shareholders include Charles Huang (founder of the iconic gaming franchise, Guitar Hero) and Nick Gatfield (former CEO and chairman of Sony Music UK). Overtune was founded in 2020 by Sigurdur Arnason, Jason Dadi Gudjonsson and Petur Eggerz Petursson, and has grown significantly since its inception. Overtune acknowledges that when it comes to music, the creative process can often be elitist and exclusionary.

Overtune, Pétur Eggerz Pétursson

“Traditional music apps and composition programs have been accessible only to individuals with extensive technical and musical expertise, locking many out of the content creation economy.” said Pétur Eggerz Pétursson, Co – Founder.

To date, major platforms such as TikTok and Instagram do not offer the option to create music to compliment users’ social media content. Rather than relying on pre-existing music and thus outsourcing the creative process, Overtune provides users with the tools to make their own musical content. Content is created by arranging music in a loop-based system and adding voice and video on top.

Overtune, Jason Daði Guðjónsson“Virality on Social media is powerful, yet unpredictable. With the increase of TikTok and Instagram Reels content the modern media format has changed. Overtune is made to fit the needs of the creative social media users who want to be able to create content on the fly – giving users a tool that allows them to project their own identity through sound rather than relying on pre-existing songs when making content.” said Jason Daði Guðjónsson, Co – Founder.

whynow Partners with Overtune – The App That Allows Anyone to Become a Composer

whynow and Overtune have today agreed a partnership that will enhance Overtune’s ambition to bring music creation to the masses.

As a digital publisher, podcast producer and production studio, which launched in 2019, whynow will use its extensive creative audience to help carry out this vision.

Overtune, whynow, Gabriel Jagger, Mick Jagger

Gabriel Jagger, founder of whynow said: “whynow is excited to have invested in Overtune, an Icelandic startup focused on democratising music creation. As partners in the platform we hope to help them reach new audiences and artists around the world.

“whynow is on a mission to tell the best stories in the arts and work with amazing talent in the creative industries, and Overtune will help in this mission.”

The two companies are working closely together to ensure that anyone with an ear for music is able to create something unique and personal to them for their social media posts and even seek the musical stars of the future.

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