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Back in February we wrote about Microtask launching a joint project with the Finnish National Library to use crowdsourcing to correct digitized content. Today Microtask has announced that more than 25 000 people have completed small pieces of work in helping correctly digitize the content through two games.

Microtask’s project with the National Finnish Library leverages crowdsourcing to enable lots of people complete small tasks in helping overcome larger projects. The current project’s goal is to help correctly digitize the Finnish National Library’s database of scanned content. OCR technology does not understand all the letter correctly and thus humans are needed in completing the task.

More than 25 000 people have completed over 2 million individual tasks inside the games. This measures up to about 100 000 minutes or about 1700 hours of work (or 226 working days for that matter / 7,5 hours per day). Most of the people helping out in are between 25 and 44 years of age.

The project with the Finnish National Library is a very important one for Microtask as its their pilot project, showcasing their technology and potential. It seems that they’re up to the challenge easily. Microtask is looking to release a text -based platform to fix digitized content during the coming summer.

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