Cheap Outsourcing vs Outsharing

We all know that CEE region is often referred to as the best destination in Europe to hire cheap talent. Big companies, like Barclays, establishing their back offices here. Others, just take talents on the freelance basis. This is a big win for the region, but that also leads to a question – maybe we are much more than just outsourcing countries good for outsourcing and we can bring more value to the companies.


Global Shapers Vilnius Hub, which is under World Economic Forum wing, sees much more value in presenting CEE region as a high added value talents pool. This is where term Outsharing comes in place.

Outsharing refers to creating high value-added solutions and movement from low-cost primitive programming, known as outsourcing, to integrated solutions development and building additional value. In such countries as Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and others it refers to having an equal tech partner who analyses your business case deeply, reads beyond the specification lines and pro-actively proposes optimisation solutions. Outsharing partners focus on value whether it’s designing and building new functionality, enhancing existing user experience or optimising the processes.outsharingG

The biggest risks in outsourcing, according to Ernst & Young survey are the dependency on external service provider and loss of control, which can be easily avoided by hiring someone who will be your partner, not 9 to 5 employee.

Good tech value-added solutions and products require outsharing mode of work. And good tech is not boring. On 30th of June we invite everyone to join us to celebrate “TechHeals – The Outsharing Day” – and post a couple of sentences about any tech solution, program, tool and your experience with it – that made your or your friends’ life better“ says Rytis Valunas, one of the founders of Global Shapers Vilnius Hub. To connect the crowd use tags: #TechHeals and/or #Outsharing.