Outsource Lithuania takes off well, looking for partners in other countries

Local startups team up to promote outsourcing in Lithuania, land 10 requests in first 2 weeks, and keep growing.

CEO of visual bug reporting tool TrackDuck Edmundas Balcikonis says he was constantly asked recommend a digital agency, freelancer web developers and designers in Lithuania. Overwhelmed by the amount requests, he complained to his friend Paulius, CTO of daily deals startup NoriuNoriuNoriu.lt, who, as it turned out, was facing the same problem. Both decided to do something about it and start helping people and companies find reliable outsourcing partners.

This was the dawn of Outsource Lithuania, a site featuring developers, designers and creative agencies from the country. The bulk of potential partners listed on the platform were personally known to the founders.

The idea took off with over 10 deal requests in just to weeks from the US, UK, Israel and other countries. Now the site is open to signups by Lithuanian outsourcing service providers, and is featuring over 70 potential partners.

You are now able to find what you need right away, without having to pretend interest in me with all too boring “How are you, Eddy?”

The project is also getting help from the whole TrackDuck team, has added a marketing and communications specialist Živilė Barkauskaitė as their CMO, and partnered up with Aciety, another Lithuanian startup linking companies to top 10% talent from Europe to build complex projects.

The second day after launch Outsource Lithuania was covered in the biggest local business news portal Verslo zinios and received 139 upvotes on ProductHunt. Lithuanian policy makers also expressed support of the project.

Meanwhile, the business is taking off well. Outsource Lithuania has landed a partnership with TEO, the biggest IT and communications company in Lithuania, part of Teliasonera group, and keeps adding new partners every week. Founders feel that they have proven the concept and are ready to expand to other countries in 2016.

We are building a platform and want to replicate the same model for all North East Europe. If you want to manage “Outsource (insert your country here)”, ping me on twitter @edmundas4

Outsource Lithuania has already built the platform, and is looking for local partners willing to take it to their country, fill in with reliable local contacts and manage the project. They provide the platform and technical support for a 50% revenue share from connecting clients with digital agencies.