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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Our magazine, CoFounder, hits 100% on Indiegogo!

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Now we truly understand the excitement behind those “we hit our crowdfunding target” press releases that are piling up in our inbox. Today we’re super proud to announce we’ve hit our €15,000 goal for CoFounder Magazine with your help, meaning that we’ve got enough upfront cash and subscribers to really grow this magazine. Huge!

That doesn’t mean this campaign is over – there are still four days left to make your mark and help build a european-focused media on startups. Everything we get is getting pumped into this magazine, meaning with more funding we can hire more writers, graphic artists, and dig deeper into issues that matter to you. Additionally we’ve got some great deals on tickets to the Arctic15 through the campaign, so if you’re looking to attend the conference, you might as well pick up a magazine!

In four days this campaign will end, but it means it’s just the start of the work we do for our subscribers. And to our Startup Illuminati – we look forward to hearing what topics we should be digging into next!

You can find our campaign page, here.

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