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Oulu's Koukoi Games comes out of stealth to raise the production quality of games

Oulu-based Koukoi Games has come out of stealth mode, announcing two upcoming games and the mission to raise the production value of mobile games. They’re already a decently-sized company, the team consists of ten already from an entrepreneurship and game development background including people from Rovio, Nokia, and some located abroad.

The thesis behind Koukoi is that there are already so many mobile games out there, that it’s hard to make a difference to attract potential players. As a result, they say that players are searching for better games with broader game experiences, and to meet the needs of players the production value of games must be higher.

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“Simple mobile games does not anymore attract gamers that much and game companies need to put more effort into their games to match their games with the expected value and need,” they write in their press release.

The first screenshots they’ve released of their first game, expected to be dropped this summer, shows a low-polygon wild west landscape, however they’re not sharing any more details until they’re ready to talk about the launch. I like the graphics, but I’m curious to see where their production quality comes into play.

But what do you think about their thesis? A simple game like Flappy Bird captured the world’s attention like nothing before, so do you agree that the future success of mobile games comes down to production value? Let us know in the comments.

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