Digital publisher Propell hopes to take advantage of the shift towards streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix as they launch a subscription library of children’s entertainment.

Propell is a digital publishing company specialising in children’s books, established in 2010. Their 20 published titles are available in 13 languages and have been downloaded over 300,000 times. Their new app is aimed squarely at parents who lend their iPads to their kids, explains CEO Per Harald Borgen:

“Parents experience a broad range of issues and problems attached to letting their kids use the iPad. On one hand, its a great tool for developing, learning and being entertained. On the other hand, the App Store is a jungle, with lots of inappropriate material for kids, plus apps with hidden In App-purchases.”

“We discovered that lots of parents are looking for a safe place to let their kids play and read. And that is what we are trying to provide: a safe environment for both the kids and the parents, with lots and lots of entertainment and learning material”

The Propell app launches with 40 titles available at a monthly cost of NOK 49 (€6.50). The selection covers a range of ages and includes simple picture books, interactive adventures and song books, and letter and math activities for those approaching school age.

Despite Propell’s multilingual back catalogue they’ve chosen a domestic launch. This has no doubt contributed to the significant coverage the app has received in the Norwegian press, but international expansion is firmly in the team’s plans.

“In the Propell app, everything is in Norwegian. However, ten of the titles are previously released as single apps in up to 13 different languages. We are focusing on Norway first, but we plan to release it in English and several other languages. From sales of our books we have good statistics about which languages we expect to be most lucrative”, says Borgen.

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