Orxter Goes After Amateur Classical Musicians

    Orxter, a Finnish online service for students and teachers of classical music, is well on its way to launch in 7th January 2009. The same day the schools will open after Christmas holiday. This is not a coincidence as Orxer is looking to schools as their main go-to-market channel and get the students to user their service.

    The service is especially helpful for music students and amateur musicians as it lets one buy real symphony orchester soundtrack, which have the melody removed. One can also get all the notes for free via the service.

    The business model is based freemium model where you get the notes free, but you have to pay for the soundtrack, which is 5 euro per song. To make the soundtrack more appealing the founders realized it sounds way better when recorded just like in the movie soundtracks, where the sound is recorded right next to the instruments. You get a lot more bang and wow to the tune this way.

    Etsi muita samanlaisia videoita Orxteri

    The video clip is from Orxter’s Beginner – series tutorial videos.

    The founders have wisely used many existing services by tweaking them to fit their service. They use Ning for the social network platform, where each user can build her own profile around her musical taste and the music  she likes to play. Similarly they also use ustream.tv and kyte.tv to let the users watch and learn from video.

    The two founders have a very strong background in music. Jari Ravaska is a professional studio producer and Pekka Suominen is a jazz musician and long time music producer with a technical background.

    The founders decided to build the service after being frustrated with the grayness of current methods on how young people are being taught music. The idea behind the service is that music can, and should, be fun. So in effect, the founders want to remove the stiff image that classical music has, so that also the young would find the classical music appealing again. The big vision is to build a global digital music academia in the Internet in couple of years time, which could have only a fixed fee for all the services.