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Orbital Systems has raised 20 million euros for its promising creation, the shower of the future

Orbital Systems has recently reached the point to receive 20 million euros from investors including leading real estate companies in the Nordic region. In addition to the existing investors such as Niklas Zennström, Peter Carlsson, C. Ehrnrooth Family Office, they succeeded to get new ones’ attention as well. These include Vatio AB, Stena AB, K2A, Polar Growth AB (part of Polar Structure AB), and M2 Asset Management AB.

The funding will enable the Swedish clean-tech company to spread the Orbital mindset to save the water. Apparently, they are playing for a big change not just to expand their business but also to shape the world’s mind about water consumption.

The Orbital Systems’ mindset

Behind the foundation of Orbital Systems, by Mehrdad Mahjoubi in 2012, there was a muse arising as a result of the project laid between NASA and Lund University. This is a pure imitation of a space-shower. It provides a chance to take a shower with just 5 litres of water in a close-loop. The start-up has come a long way to this point, it seems, considering the new investors.

orbital systems

They are presenting the solution to the water supply problem in style. The system is promising 90% water saving and 80% energy saving. The purification system they built for households works in a circle. It simply enables you to take a bath by using the same water, but with the freshly purified flow. The system’s app also allows the user to check how much water is used.

Came up with sustainable systems by looking at this space project, Orbital Systems has an ultimate goal to create a solution pointing out the fact how vital water is for living creatures. The earth does not have enough water supply for everyone. Adding the pipeline leakages, it is becoming almost inevitable to come across a crisis.

The future of the shower of the future

orbital systems

The forthcoming danger, they say, can be postponed or fixed altogether with the right technological attempt. Their solution to the water problem without making too many sacrifices made a splash in the funding round.

With the help of new investments, Orbital Systems might make significant progress to reach many to use their products commonly and decrease the amount of water they consume. The company’s aim is to fulfill all needs on the market with its technology solutions. This includes energy-saving and fewer sacrifices to be made.


orbital systems“With increasing water shortages globally and rising energy prices, there is an obvious momentum for Orbital and our solutions to save water and energy without compromising on comfort. This investment gives us the opportunity to scale up commercially and increase the pace of getting the world to use water smarter.” – says Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, founder and CEO, Orbital Systems, to tech.eu

Thinking of the smart homes and the practicality of the system, the start-up is already promising to save money and energy. However, it also has great potential in other fields by the looks of it. The project mused by a space project might be a muse for another research. Whenever and wherever the water is scarcely supplied, this environment-friendly system would be in the loop to save a huge amount of water and promise not to give up on long hot showers.

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