Opera offers advertising-based internet connection model for operators

    Opera Software has been shifting focus from their browser deep into mobile, and now look to monetize their position by giving operators an easy opportunity to connect consumers to the internet by clicking on ads. For example, a user would have to watch a short advertisement before getting access to internet – much like YouTube ads, and then will get access to a time-based amount of internet, or more targeted internet like “one hour of Twitter usage”.

    The general concept certainly isn’t new, in Helsinki at least our mobile hotspots have been advertising supported for some time, but. But Opera’s strategy of going after operators, allowing them to package their mobile internet into new, advertising-supported bundles shows where they see growth of their mobile browser. In the Nordic countries we’re used to cheap, fast data connections, but operators in growth markets may find this an easy and marketable opportunity of their customers. Opera’s mobile browser does much of the heavy lifting in the cloud, saving users on data costs.

    “Sponsored Web Pass gives operators a unique channel to partner with the advertisers and content providers who are already driving traffic across their networks, and helps both parties to participate in monetization of that traffic,” said Nuno Sitima, SVP of Business Development at Opera Software. “This is an excellent way for operators to bring new users onto the mobile internet while introducing them to new, easy-to-understand data packages.”